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LGBT Cancer Program Social Network - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &Transgender Center.
Out with Cancer is the worlds first program for Gay, Lesbian, BI and Trans men and women who are diagnosed with cancer. With Out with Cancer you can:
  • Learn about Clinical Trials....Search our extensive clinical trial database
  • Create a circle of friends who share your diagnosis, or, simply, care about you
  • Write your own blog
  • Learn from or mentor others dealing with cancer
  • Post photos and profiles
  • Promote your own event or attend other members' events
  • Chat live in online support groups, clubs and one to one sessions
  • Make new friends...OutWithCancer is your place to connect -- how is up to you.
OutWithCancer is a Bi-phobia and Trans-phobia free zone. We're here about the cancer, and the connections we make. Not a member yet? Please click here to join Out with Cancer or push the button "Join now" below to apply! Membership is free. Questions? Please email:
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Author: mjsphx
I am excited to find this site but unfortunately it doesn't appear that there is much activity here. I am feeling like I am the only gay man in Phoenix with cancer, That doesn't seem possible. Are ...
Author: HardupInTx
Howdy Boys and Girls . . .

An Introduction . . .

This will be my first blog ever . . . so bear with me as I fine tune my own efforts in this medium. I have had several weeks now after my initia...
Author: blade1068
On August 19th I became a member of the growing ranks of gay men with prostate cancer. I was devasting to hear the words "Yes, you do have prostate cancer." Hearing those words made me feel ...
Author: LGM
I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2007. After reviewing all my options on the type of treatment to take, I decided on the Robotic Radical Prostatectomy. My surgery was performed on 11-06-07.
Author: schalkoke
One Man's Journey through diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer...
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Author: Totan
Life after Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer...
Author: Darryl
Prostate Cancer Support...
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